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Kenya safari packages

Best Kenya safaris and holiday deals

Kenya is the original home of ‘safari’. It is here in Kenya that safaris were born, the root of safari expeditions. The term safari is a Kiswahili word,

a Bantu language spoken in east Africa, which means ‘to travel’ or journey. 

The Kenya safaris as they are known today has a long history, that continue to amaze many.

Karen Blixen said: ‘If there was one more thing I could do, It would be to go on safari once again’’.

It is here in Kenya that Earnest Hemingways enjoyed a Kenya safari and composed his famous book,

‘Green Hills of Africa’’ in 1933.

A safari in Kenya is an adventure of a lifetime, that everyone should have a chance to experience it.

Below are some of the best Kenya safaris. Click toCustomize to your liking

11 days Bush and Beach Kenya safari – JEEP SAFARI

13 Day Kenya Camping Safari — JEEP SAFARI

3 Days Masai Mara Adventure — JEEP SAFARIS

7 Days Budget Camping safari– JEEP SAFARI

8 Day Kenya safaris

9 Days Lake Turkana, the Crandle of mankind

Climbing Mount Kenya: 5 Days Sirimon down Chogoria Route

Nairobi National Park tour


Grants gazelle, Kenya safari

Short safari excursions

You have a day free? or an overnight? Enjoy some Kenya safari excursions within Nairobi, Lake Naivasha, Lake Nakuru or Amboseli and get to enjoy a feeling of the wilds of Kenya. The short safaris ranges from day trips, overnight safaris or 2-3 days, depending on your personal safari needs.

Lake Turkana Safari

In the middle of the hot, scotching sun of the Northern frontier is the jade sea, Lake Turkana, the largest desert lake in the world. It is the home of the endangered El Molo community, and the biggest concentration of the Nile crocodiles. It is here in Turkana that some of our ancestral origins have been traced.

4 Day Kenya Trips

It is not all the time that you have all the time you want for a holiday. This safari package is just perfect for you if you have a few days to spare and enjoy the wilds of Kenya. From Amboseli, Sweetwaters, samburu, Masai mara or any other place you want to have a short safari to.

8 Day Kenya Safari Holiday

One of the most favored Kenya safari packages. like the rest of the packages, it is a customizable safari that takes you to the world famous safari parks of Kenya. Build your list, as you enjoy your field classroom.  Tailor-make it to suit your safari need and make your holiday package a memorable one.

15 day Cultural Safaris

This safari package is completely different from the others and waders off from the main safaris. Kenya is such a diverse country, very rich in not only the big five safari craze, but also to a huge variety of cultures that make up the Kenyan community. This safari package combines Cultural and nature.

7 Day Camping safari

For seven days, you will enjoy the different faces of Kenya. Natural Track safari guide will pick you and travel with you for the whole week. You will have a great opportunity to enjoy nature and experience such a wonderful feeling of being so close to the nature.  It is the most flexible safari package.

11 Days East Africa

Both Kenya and Tanzania share such richness in both nature and culture. Tanzania is the home of Kilimanjaro and the world famous Ngorongoro crater. While Kenya hosts Masai Mara and many other parks, a safari to both these two countries will enrich your holiday beyond your imagination.

Israel Pilgrim Trip

Join us in the pilgrim tour to Israel, the birth place of Jesus. It is a spritual journey that takes you to the promised land of the Israelites. With our widely traveled team, you will receive a lot of informed support that you need, before, during and even after your pilgrimage.

4 Day Zanzibar Holiday

Unguja, as it was known previously, Zanzibar is the main island in the Tanzanian archipelago of Zanzibar. This 4 day tour of Zanzibar explores the dark and sobering history of slavery that makes up so much of what Zanzibar was. The old stone town and the 1883 house of wonders.

7 Day Apes Circuit

This is a safari in search of the big primates, the gorillas and Chimpanzees. From Bwindi reserve, Impenetrable forest for the Gorillas, to breath taking scenes of Kyambura gorge in Kyambura reserve, the Valley of Apes for chimpanzee tracking. it is one of the adventures you treasure forever.

10 Days Serengeti Wilds

Serengeti means ‘endless plains’ in the local masai language. Nothing describes this Tanzanian park better than its name. It is a home to the worlds famous Big five, and borders Kenya’s Masai Mara. This safari package takes you also to Tarangire, Manyara and Ngorongoro crater.

3 Day Bwindi Gorillas

Bwindi forest is located in southwestern Uganda. It is a UNESCO world heritage. It is estimated that about half of the world’s remaining mountain Gorillas are located here in Bwindi national park. It is important to note that entry into this park is on restricted number of permits at a time. 

8 Days Omo Valley

Omo valley is a great source of life for both human and wildlife. Omo river is the biggest river in Ethiopia unrelated to the Nile basin. It empties into Lake Turkana, the desert lake. The lower Omo vallery has been declared a UNESCO site, and there has been many fossil discoveries.

6 Days Honeymoon Safari

You have walked down the path, you have loundly proclamed ‘I do’. Witnesses have seen it all. But wait a moment, they were just there for that, to witness. This is the end of the stress of arranging your thing, the wedding. It is now time to relax,  away,  and enjoy your honeymoon safari.

Climbing Mount Kenya

On the tropical land widely known as the craddle of mankind, sixteen kilometers south of equator lie a magficent land mark. It raises 5199 metres above see level making it the second highest mountain in Africa and the highest in Kenya. Locally, Mount Kenya is known as Kirinyaga…

Kenya Deaf Safaris

Ten days of safari holiday in Kenya. This is a sign-language-guided safari that combines Kenya sign language and American Sign language to guide your adventure safaris. From the semi arid samburu national reserve, walking in Naivasha and finally to the home of migration, Masai Mara.

There is a huge array of Kenya safari packages. You can combine several short Kenya safari packages to give you the best holiday time ever. In addition, you can extend your Kenya safari to relax at the coast after the up and downs of Kenyan roads. Besides, your Kenya safari packages can be crafted to stay longer in any chosen national park and get the best you can from that park. You can make your stay short in each park, or you can make your stay as long as you want.

We will craft your final itinerary with your choice and desire in mind, to make sure Kenya safari packages give you best for your holiday.


”If there were one more thing I could do, It would be to go on a safari”. Karen Blixen. 

About our tour system

All our safaris are eco-friendly holidays. Your travel companions and guides are professionally trained nature enthusiast.  You will definitely learn so much from them. And all we ask from you is if  you have to do anything in the nature reserves and parks, do it ONLY with your camera.

What Other Says (TripAdvisor)

We recently had a fantastic safari with Natural Track safaris, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to do a safari in Kenya. They were punctual and reliable, but above all, it was their enthusiasm, knowledge and friendliness that really made the safari so memorable…….TripAdvisor

Volunteer Programs

Are are you a Veterinarian, Vet Technician or a Vet Student? You can join our annual veterinary Medical camp. Do something for the animals that share this world with us. They need our in put in mitigating in cases that could be passed from wild animals to domesticated animals and vice versa.

Kenya safari lodges
Sunset, Kenya safari lodges



A mesmerizing Kenya safari experience:  Enjoy an adventure of a life time in the majestic landscapes of Kenya, Africa’s most iconic and preeminent safari destination. Safari in Kenya has dominated most African holidays and the mention of safari brings out memories of Kenya with the big maned-lions patrolling their territories.
Safari ‘ is Kiswahili for ‘travel‘, and Kenya is the original home of safari.

Your safari starts right here. Choose a Kenya safari package from our prearranged packages or simply tailor-make yours with the quick help of NTS Travel Consultants. There are different ways of doing safari in Kenya.  From camping safaris to exclusive luxury tented camps. The choice of your accommodation and safari type will depend on both your taste and budget.

Some camps and safari resorts are within the park, while others are outside of the reserves. In addition, some are exclusive in that they take only a few visitors, while bigger resorts accommodate more persons. Some safari we do using open safari jeeps,while other you enjoy them in regular safari vehicles with open pop-up hatch and big windows. Prior booking is highly recommended in all instances, especially in the months of June through to September. Then in December through to February.


Luxury Kenya Safari lodges and resorts

These are Kenya safari lodges and camps that are high end safari accommodations. Mostly in luxury, spacious tents or lodges. The camps are located in many strategic positions, with some inside the national reserves while others are outside the parks. Built in different styles and tastes, you will be put in a camp of your choice and availability. It is in consultation with your assigned Kenya safari consultant that your safari in Kenya will be tailor-made to your idea of a safari holiday. These safari resorts usually have less travelers, hence exclusive. Advance booking is highly recommended.


Mid-range Kenya Safari lodges

Majority of the Kenya safari  lodges and resorts fall under this category, of 2-4- star level safari lodges. It is here that you have the most choices of accommodations available. They are spread all over and readily available. From 2-Star to five star hotels. With help of NTS consultant, you will be advised on the best accommodations according to your likes and dislikes. There are usually more travelers in these safari lodges mainly because of the medium rates. Most of the oldest Kenya safari resorts fall under this level of mid-range lodges.


Budget Kenya safari lodges and camps

The most adventurous of all. These camps are spread about, and are available for your booking. They are usually made from spacious tents. Almost all of them are located outside the reserves and parks. They are budget accommodations that enable you to travel at minimal budget. Please do not expect 5-star services in these camps. They are very friendly and very accommodating because they accommodate only a limited number of clients. The big advantage is that most are located just next to the park and reserve entry.

Camping sites and grounds

Accommodations in Kenya will not be complete without the mention of camping sites and grounds. This is the most adventurous of all. You will carry your own camping equipment. Your NTS consultant will arrange all the necessary items for you. Equipment provided included: tents, mattresses, Kitchen kit and accompanying camp cook. What you have bring with you is your sleeping bags and pillow. In addition, you carry your own toiletries. In most places water is hot. In hot places like Samburu, shower water is never heated as it is already warm from the sun.




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