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Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

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Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve

Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve
Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve


The Arabuko Sokoke Forest is considered to be one of the most important sites for nature conservation in East Africa and has become a ‘silent success’ in Kenya safaris. It is the last large remnant of lowland coastal tropical forests with 11 threatened woody plants. The reserve is comprised of several distinct forest types. The reserve covers 6 Sq. Kms .

It lies a few kilometers inland, between the towns of Kilifi and Malindi, 110 km north of Mombasa. It was proclaimed a Crown Forest and gazetted in 1943 and part of the forest was gazetted as a strict nature reserve in the late 1960s.

It is the largest existing fragment of the tropical forests that covered much of the East African coast and is an important Kenya safari habitat for endemic/endangered birds, insects, butterflies and mammal species. It is also an important monument as remnants of the coastal tropical forests.

There are easy trails in the forests which are also great for birders. A couple of reptile species (in addition to other species living here e.g. butterflies, Beetles) are found here among them Boomslang, Green Mamba, Rock Python, Forest Cobra, Sand Lizard and Day Geullo. It is a great reserve for birdwatchin and among the bird species includes Sokoke Pipit, Amani Sunbird,Fischers Turaco, Clarkes weaver, Golden Wooodpecker and many others.

Your can get there by road, which is 75 Kms from mombasa town or by plane through Malindi or Mombasa airports.

There are lots of accommodation facilities along this coast to suit all budget levels and advance booking is always recommended.

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