Lake Nakuru

The world famous Lake Nakuru was created in June 1968 to protect the stunning flocks of lesser flamingoes, which are one of its main attractions for Kenya safaris. It covers and area of 188 Sq. Kms and the flamingoes literally turns the shores into a magnificent pink color. The bird-life of Lake Nakuru is astounding, giving it the title ‘Ornithological Paradise’, famous among birders on Kenya safari packages.

Birding is also great with some rare birds on record. Lake Paradise is an enchanting spot and a good place to camp, although there are no facilities here. This is also where most of the reserve’s water birds hang out.

Nearby is Losai National Reserve, opened as a single reserve in January, 1976.
It covers 1,806 sq. kms. of wild, semi – desert landscape characterized by rocky hills, plains and rivers. The scenic beauty is breathtaking; game to view include elephant, Greater and Lesser Kudu, Gerenuk and Grants Gazelle. It is accessed via the Isiolo/Marsabit road which passes through the reserve.

South Turkana is at an altitude of 2,000 -6780 Ft ,an area less known and less visited yet rich with wildlife. It has a number of permanent rivers with woodland fringes and salty springs. Wildlife is plentiful and on the list includes elephants, giraffes, buffalos, elands, Oryxes, impalas, bushbucks, greater Kudu, grants and Thompson’s gazelle, lions, leopard, cheetahs, spotted hyenas and jackals. There are crocodiles in the rivers and abundant birdlife much of which gathers on the banks of the Kerio River. There are no lodges or roads yet within the Reserve.

Nasalot National Reserve is quite small opened also in 1979, covering an area of 92 sq. kms. It is mainly plains broken up by the impressive Sekess Hills, a continuation of the Cherangani ridges. To the north it is bordered by a section of the Turkwel River and the Wei Wei River bounds it to the east. It has an important eco-system with river valleys and floodplains,which support evergreen forests dominated by fig and acacia trees and many types of papyrus and sedges.

It also has some wildlife among them elephants, hippos, giraffe, impalas, grants and Thompson’s Gazelle, plains zebra, eland, Lesser Kudus, bushbucks, duikers and dik-dik and their predators- lion, leopard, spotted hyena and jackal. There are Olive Baboons and Vervet monkeys and crocodiles are found in the rivers. Over 150 species of birdlife have been recorded.

These reserves lie on either side of the main highway about halfway between Kitale and Lodwar. Neither is well endowed with game but Nasalot is dominated by a rugged mountain of the same name which overlooks the Turkwell Gorge, the site of Kenya’s latest hydroelectric power scheme. There is a murram airstrip but there is no accommodation in either reserve. Safaris to some of these parks are on exclusive mobile Kenya safaris.

Lake Nakuru Safaris

Lake Nakuru is centrally located, making it a great destination for any wildlife adventurer. The park can be reached from Nairobi easily for either a family weekend outing or even an overnight trip. In addition, it is a great learning place for students, so dont be surprised to see school buses driving around and full of school children. It is important to instill conservation thoughts to young minds, who will be the guardians of the environment in the days to come.

Tourists are not left out either. Lake Nakuru offers both a great stop over for long-haul trips. For example, trips from Samburu do have a great rest overnight in the park, before continuing on either to Masai mara or to Amboseli. This breaking-distance is very important and adds to the list of species that one can enjoy seeing.

Day trip to lake Nakuru

There are organized day trips to Lake Nakuru from Nairobi. It takes only 2-3 hours to reach the park. You then opt to have lunch in one of the many hotels within the park or bring with you your picnic meals and enjoy a picnic at baboon cliff, with the views of the lake below you.

Camping in Lake Nakuru

The park offers several camping grounds, full prepared for you. You only need to bring with you your camping tents, some fire woods and meals. Fire places for your bonfire are provided, making sure to make use of them. This will be a great way to enjoy an African night, the traditional way. Extra camping fees applies in addition to the regular park fees.

Whats more, you can also take up room at the KWS guest house for budget accommodation. Same case applies, whereby you have to make arrangements for your meals. It is important to note that whether camping or spending in the guest house, security from wild animals is provided by KWS rangers. It is also important to remember that the best protection you have from wildlife is actually to respect them.

Needless to say, there exists luxury hotels in lake Nakuru National park. At various seasons, prior booking may be required as the tourists do flock there during summer holidays. Whatever kind of holiday you plan to enjoy in lake Nakuru, contact us to furnish you with further information.