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A mesmerizing Kenya safari experience:  Enjoy an adventure of a life time in the majestic landscapes of Kenya, Africa’s most iconic and preeminent safari destination.
Safari ‘ is Kiswahili for ‘travel‘, and Kenya is the original home of safari.

Your safari starts right here. Choose a Kenya safari package from our prearranged packages or simply tailor-make yours with the quick help of NTS Travel Consultants.

Luxury Camp Safaris

These are safaris in high end safari accommodations. Mostly in luxury, spacious tents or lodges. The camps are located in many strategic positions, with some inside the national reserves while others are outside the parks. Built in different styles and tastes, you will be put in a camp of your choice.

Mid-range Kenya Safaris

Majority of the Kenya safari accommodations fall under this category, of 3-4- star level safari lodges. It is here that you have most choices of accommodations. From 2-Star to five star hotels. With help of NTS consultant, you will be advised on the best accommodation according to your likes and dislikes.

Budget holiday safaris

The most adventurous of all. You can either do camping safari or use budget accommodations. A handful of budget safari camps exists, giving you an addition to the choices of accommodation with varied budget levels. NTS consultants in deliberation with you will help you decide on what is available, where and when.


”If there were one more thing I could do, It would be to go on a safari”. Karen Blixen. 

About our tour system

All our safaris are eco-friendly holidays. Your travel companions and guides are professionally trained nature enthusiast.  You will definitely learn so much from them. And all we ask from you is if  you have to do anything in the nature reserves and parks, do it ONLY with your camera.

What Other Says (TripAdvisor)

We recently had a fantastic safari with Natural Track safaris, and highly recommend them to anyone looking to do a safari in Kenya. They were punctual and reliable, but above all, it was their enthusiasm, knowledge and friendliness that really made the safari so memorable…….TripAdvisor

Volunteer Programs

Are are you a Veterinarian, Vet Technician or a Vet Student? You can join our annual veterinary Medical camp. Do something for the animals that share this world with us. They need our in put in mitigating in cases that could be passed from wild animals to domesticated animals and vice versa.