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Malindi Marine Reserve

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The Malindi Marine Reserve is 118 Kms from Mombasa and comprises of Watamu and Malindi Marine National Parks. The area also includes several coral and these are the Whale island at the entrance to Mida Creek in the Watamu Marine Park. The reserve is 213 Sq. Kms and forms a variety of marine and tidal habitats in Kenya’s North Coast. It runs 5 kms into the sea and stretches 30 km along the coast from Malindi town to beyond the entrance to Mida creek.

Malindi Marine Reserve

Variety of habitats here includes the inter-tidal rock, sand and mud, fringing reefs and coral gardens, beds of sea grass; coral cliffs, platforms and islets; sandy beaches and mangrove forests. Mida creek is a large, almost land locked expanse of saline water, mangrove forest and inter-tidal mud protected in the Watamu Marine Reserve. Its extensive forests are gazetted as forest reserves and the extreme western tip of Mida Creek is part of the Arabuko Sokoke Forest Reserve known Kenya safari point for various varieties of vegetations, birds and butterflies among others.

Activities in these parks includes snorkeling diving and fishing the many types of fish that thrives in these habitats.This part of the coast is also accessible through Malindi airport.

With more organisms per square meter than any other types of ecosystems, coral reefs are among the richest, diverse and biologically productive ecosystems in the world. A total of more than 140 species of hard and soft corals have been recorded on the Kenya coast. These corals live in symbiosis with chlorophyll generating animals, which gives corals their spectacular colors. It is a park worth including in Kenya safaris itinerary.

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