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Masai Mara National Reserve

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Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the most popular natural reserves in Africa, Masai mara is the same ecosystem as Serengeti, Only that Serengeti is in Tanzania and mara is Kenyan part. There is no pronounced border between the two reserves. Except for a small pillar that signifies Kenya and Tanzania. Serengeti is actually the southerm part of Mara.

Masai mara is fed by several rivers, Mara river being the biggest. Other rivers are Sand river, Talek, but there are other smaller tributaries like Olare Orok which all contribute to the success of this world famous reserve.

Masai Mara National Reserve

Masai Mara National Reserve

Home to the famous ‘big five’, (the elephants, lions, rhinos, leopard and the buffalos), there are endless species that patrol this reserve, the zebras and many antelope species. Hippos, hyena, smaller cats, crocodiles, canids like the jackals can be seen with ease. Some of them require some extra hard work to spot, while some like the black rhinos, could be mainly luck.

Masai mara is probably the very best place to see the lions, that patrol this reserve in every corner, with such a high concentration that matches no other reserve or park.

It is here that the world famous wildebeest migration takes place, between July-August. The wildebeest cross into Masai mara at Sand river, and they pour into the plains, next to Keekrock lodge and distribute to areas of Ololaimutia gate, Sarova and simba lodge areas. Then they proceed to Talek and further into the interior before going to mara river, where the giant nile croccodiles lay in wait.

Apart from the wildlife, masai mara is a host to very many bird species. It is a birders paradise, and with patience and professionalism it shouldnt be hard to count a 300-400 hundred species within a 4day safari or so, from small birds to the giant vultures and eagles. The reserve hosts about 450 species.

Masai mara is accessible by air through the many domestic flights and by road options.

It is 1510 square kilometers, and 300 km from Nairobi.

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