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Mombasa Marine Park

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Both of them cover an area of 210 Sq. Kms. The park is 10 Sq. Kms and the reserve is 200 Sq. Kms. Among the marine parks and reserves, Mombasa Marine reserve and park are more famous and more frequented. This part of the coast is also more developed with tourist facilities. Boats for hire are also available through some Kenya safari agents at the coast.

Water sports along the beach are numerous offered by water sports companies who also arrange diving and hire of diving gear.

Mombasa itself is a mix of traditional and modern culture. The 17th Century Fort Jesus,which was used as a Fort by the Portuguese against Sultan invasion after which the Portuguese were eventually evicted. This was after a two year siege, is within the Island , a few minutes drive from the marine park. Mombasa Old Town is highly dominated by swahili culture especially architecture.

Mombasa has very beautiful white beaches and coral gardens. The mangrove forests add to the richness of this old coast.

Any water sports can be arranged or included as part of Kenya safaris that will cover other part of Kenya.

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