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Nairobi National Park

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Nairobi National Park
Nairobi National Park

Nicknamed as the ‘city in the sun’, Nairobi is the only city in the world which neighbors a natural game protection area, with more than 100 species of mammals.

It was opened in December 1946 and covers an area of 117 Sq.Kms. It is only 7 Kilometers from the city centre, at altitude of 5,000 Ft.

The Park borders South Kapiti Plains and Kitengela plains famous as the traditional migration route. The Park accommodates a wide range of wild game.

It is a seasonal park but most of the game like Kenya’s indigenous Black Rhino, live in the protection of the Park year round. Herds of plains zebra, wildebeest and eland enter the park during the great migration in July and

August to enjoy the rich grazing until the next rains come.

The park is a great starting point for birding safaris with more than 400 species recorded and its proximity to the city makes it ideal for short birding or family excursions.

It was Kenya’s first National Park and it was here that the historical burning of ivory by President Moi in 1989 took place in order to show commitment to wildlife protection and retain the Kenya safari fame world wide.

10 tons of ivory worth Kshs. 60.million was torched to mark the end of tolerance of destruction of the Kenya heritage through poaching. This was a historical turning point for Kenya in the fight to eliminate mass-slaughter of elephants and rhinos.

It is in this park that nature surprises continues to show ;a cheetah successfully giving births to seven cubs and taking care of then successfully. In June-July the big herds of wildlife start pouring in but the black rhino spends the year within the protection of the Park.

Though their is no accommodation in the Park, Nairobi has great hotels and a few hours in the park is not to be missed during a stay in Nairobi or to have incorporated in your Kenya safaris program.

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