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What others say…..

I would like to thank you, and Darren for allowing Mark and I to have an awesome Safari Tour. We had a blast and would recommend Natural Track to everyone.
The food was wonderful (thanks to the Cook)and also we were happy with where we stayed. Fisi Camp was by far the best, as it was very welcoming and had an amazing view of the game park from the camp.

Sarah Samotej
madden33 @ hotmail.com

Hello, guys, thanks so much for the amazing experience. You are always welcome to visit my beautiful city Palermo.


Dear Elisabeth,

I wanted to thank you and the team from Natural Track Safaris for the wonderful experience my daughter and I had during our 11 day safari trough Kenya with our driver Michael. A big thank-you for putting up with all my questions prior to the journey and the spot-on, perfect organization of the safari. And an even bigger thank-you to Michael for being an excellent and safe driver on often very challenging roads, a very knowledgeable guide in the game parks and just a great guy to travel through Kenya with. And many thanks to course to James, who met us in Naivasha and took us for a great walk through the gorge at Hells Gate NP.

We saw all the animals there are, I think, and had a marvelous time. Michael was there waiting for us when we stepped from the plane and each day was packed with game-viewing and driving, until he brought us back to the airport. I have been traveling much in my life, but this was the first organized trip I took, and I just wondered why didn’t do it before. We had booked the Budget Safari and found the lodges and tented camps great and much more comfortable and even luxurious than we expected. I especially liked the Samburu Sopa Lodge, wonderful lodgings, traditional architecture, great views of a stunning landscape, Kibo Safari Camp where Mt Kilimanjaro greeted you every morning, and of course The Ark in the Aberdare National Park, which is just wonderful for watching elephants from just a couple of meters away, in an English country style setting, great food and very friendly staff.

I will definitely recommend your company to anybody, who is interested in traveling in East Africa.

Warm regards
Dr. Michael Tykocinski
tykocinski @ optusnet.com.au

Hi there Jackline,
I would like to thank you for a great experience my daughter and I had on the 5 day safari. It was a fabulous journey and one we shall never forget. I would also like to especially thank Jason for being such an informative guide and pleasant company. You could see the passion he had in his country and the wildlife, this making our experience more meaningful.

Regina Smuga
regina.smuga @ gemssip.com

Dear Elizabeth,
We have been at home for 2 weeks now and I haven’t had time to e-mail you.
We want to thank you and Gerald for the most perfect safari. A big thank you to you for your flexibility, answering all of our questions and the perfect organization. And thank you to Gerald for being an excellent guide and taking us to see all the animals. We were very lucky to see the complete big 5. We even found a lion in a tree. Gerald knew where to find all of them and was as happy to see them as we were.

The lodges were perfect as well. They were much more then we expected. We especially loved the first one (Sarova in Samburu). It was so quiet and beautiful and everyone was so friendly.

After the six days safari we stayed at the beach for six days. It was nice to see a different part of Kenya and it completed our experience. But for us, it wasn’t as memorable as the safari. At the end of our holiday, we got back to Nairobi and we did a day trip with Mike. He took us to the Elephant & Giraffe Sanctuary’s and the Crocodile farm. The interaction with the animals was fantastic, so that was the perfect ending of our holiday.

We have great memories and we will definitely come back. Maybe see the Great Migration and go camping ( I became an addict of Youtube clips about the migration). Or maybe we will go Gorilla tracking in Uganda.

I included some pictures Gerald might like. I included 11 pictures. Please let me know if you haven’t received them properly.

Warm regards,
Kris & Patricia
patricia.jansen83 @ gmail.com

Dear Elizabeth
We made it home and even though it is good to be home, I cannot help but think back on our time in Kenya and the incredible experiences we had. Your arrangements and assistance and flexibility was very much appreciated and enabled us to be accommodated in style. I think that Natural Tracks has surpassed our expectations and your professionalism, kindness, understanding, and personality enabled our safari to be very successful. You could not have put me with a better person than Jackson and despite my many blunders with Kiswahili and dominating the routing of the trip, he was always accommodating and made everything come together and work. He is definitely a value to your safari business as he is the front line example of a professional guide.

kenyarich @ cox.net

Dear Elizabeth,
We recently arrived safely back in Australia & we just wanted to thank you, Gerald & Gideon for looking after us on our recent safari.
The trip was planned & booked by Yvonne’s brother, Ken, so we were not sure (neither was Ken) of the full details of what to expect, particularly accommodation for the safari.
Obviously this was a budget safari & most accommodation was at the lower end of the scale with shared bathroom facilities that were just adequate. It was certainly an experience but in retrospect we would have opted for better accommodation with en suite facilities & happily paid for upgrades.
Having said that we could not have asked for better people to look after our needs than yourself, Gerald & Gideon. Yvonne has wanted to do a safari for years & the animals we saw surpassed our expectations. The roads in Kenya are a different story – people need to be prepared for long hours in vehicles on unsealed, potted & corrugated roads, but if you can tolerate that, the park animals are well worth it. Even minor hiccups with accommodation at one park & vehicle breakdown could not detract from the overall experience. To be able to get up close & personal with lions & elephants in particular is amazing.
In summary we came home excited about what we had seen & more than happy with the service we received from your company. The memories will last a long time.
We would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone planning a safari in Kenya provided they do their home work with respect to accommodation so they can make an informed choice to suit them & it meets their requirements.

Thank you
Frank and Yvonne Holt
Perth Australia

willmary19 @ bigpond.com

Hello Natural Track!
We got back from a great safari trip in Kenya two weeks ago. Our guide Michael, was wonderful- he was friendly and warm, very proffesional and knowledgable.
During our stay, we had lots of rain but it didn’t really changed the plans, thanks to Michael’s gret character and very very skilled driving through the rough muddy road..
In addition, we had a walk-track with Simon in Hell’s-Gate, and we had a great time! the teack was lots of fun, and it was a nice change after sitting in the car for most of the trip.. Simon, as Michael, was very friendly and full with information and answers to our questions..
So, we just wanted to say THANK YOU!! very very much! and especially to Michael, who is a lovely person to spend a whole week with!
This trip was our honey-moon, and we defenetally had the best time ever, and our expectations were fulfilled..!

So again, Thank you very very much!
Michael and Shira

Dear Elizabeth
You were so, so patient and accomodating with us, and so prompt at responding to any inquiry we had – which we appreciated very much. We also really appreciated that you were happy to pick us up from the bus stop, this made our day in Nairobi much less stressful than it would have been otherwise.
The safari itself was amazing – Ol Moran campsite was very comfortable and we liked our tent very much, the Masai Mara was absolutely beautiful, and we saw so many animals! Our guide and driver, Charles, was very knowledgable about the different animals and the Mara, and he had a good sense of humour – he made all the different animal noises for us which we thought was very funny.
So thankyou for a wonderful holiday, and amazing memories!

alexandra.stirrup @ hotmail.com

I would like to add our endorsement to the previous comments. This was the first safari for my wife and I and after blanketing the web sites with questions and sifting through dozen of answer, Peter Philip appeared to provide no-nonsense, practical and no pie in the sky answers. (We had asked about doing a 3 drive during lunch time worried we would be bored J, and he responded very appropriately that the guide and ourselves we would need the rest. He was totally right!)
Peter (the manger) and our guide Gerald are spectacular. Gerald is a wonderful companion, guide and instructor. He has a vast knowledge and the wisdom to not impose it, a man who anticipated where the animals are, and where we wanted to be to do pictures. He also respected the roads and did not do any of the wild off-tract driving that so many guide books tell you to avoid. We have developed a lot of respect for him and it was a great pleasure at the end of the trip to invite him for dinner with his wife and adorable kids.
The tents and lodges were all perfect matches for our needs, neither too rough (some companies required that you rent a sleeping bag !) nor too ostentatious ! Meals were good and plentiful aside from one evening were we had “lion’s meat” (meat only a lion could chew J). But that was more of a fun anecdote.
We visited 6 camps which was plenty. The more camps to visit, the more traveling in between, so there is really no point in seeing all the camps, better and more comfortable to spend some time taking pictures then to constantly pack and unpack.
Talking about pictures, if you are into doing photography, bring the longest lens you can afford. We had a 80-400 mm and often I would have wished a little longer. On the other hand a tripod was not needed since we rested the camera on the van roof, and Gerald had the forethought to turn off the engine each time to prevent vibrations. Of course bring a laptop and several USB hard drives to back up each day. There was always electricity in the camps but some had just from 6-11 pm. We had a US extension cord so from only one converted outlet we could plug and recharge the cameras and laptop. But be sure to plan your recharges. Cell phone communication (ATT-IPhone) was virtually impossible in any of the camps, and internet access is 20-year-old modem speed.
This is a wonderful trip, a spectacular country, a perfect company to work with, enjoy your trip and say “Hello” to our guide Gerald from us.

Philippe & Thao Jeanty
pjeanty @ gmail.com

Hello Elizabeth and Michael
It was so nice to meet you in person after you have been a name on my email for so long.
We had such a wonderful holiday and safari I wanted to say thank you so so much for making this all happen for us. Your company is fantastic and you made our safari, our own safari. We got to see the animals we wanted to see, go to the parks we wanted and go out for drives that suited us all. The long day in the Masai Mara and the picnic was fabulous and so kind of Michael to tell us about this.
Thank you Michael for looking after us and making our safari drive so grand..
You are both just the best

Kind regards
jocelyn.mackay @ xtra.co.nz

Regards from the Perelman family

From Beny, Ariela, Tal and Bar Perelman from Israel: To our very dear friends James, Elizabeth and all the members of Natural Track Safaris.
We all wanted to thank you again for the wonderful trip we had thanks to you. I know that you receive a lot of compliments from many many people, but I find very important to say it again: YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! We could not find a better guide and friend as James, not only a wonderful and most reliable guide, but a wonderful person with a lot of charm and willing to give always his best. (a big hug from the girls and us). To Elizabeth and all the team that worked so hard to make our trip to Kenya an unforgettable experience THANK YOU!!!!. We hope that in some time we will meet again and wish you all the best as you deserve it.
We will be glad to recommend your services to anybody asking about you.

Regards to all and thank you again
The Perelman family from Israel
perelman.ariela @ gmail.com

Hi Morrine,
Happy New Year! Been busy at work and holidays. Sorry that we forgot to send an email that we’ve been safe back. Hope you are all doing fine there. Once again, thanks a lot for providing us a good trip at Kenya. Really appreciated you, Jason, Peter, Eliz and Jason’s brother. Have attached some pics to share with you all.

All the best for the year 2011.
Calvin and Lynn lynnw918 @ yahoo.com

Dear Elizabeth and Michael,
A big jambo to both of you !Thanks to Natural Track safaris we had a wonderful time in Kenya . Kenya is a beautiful country with great people. The 8 days we spent there will always be a very special part of our memory. Thanks to Natural Track’s suggestions and inputs our tour was nicely planned with best possible utilisation of time and resources.
The biggest factor behind the success of our tour was our guide and driver Michael . He is probably the best guide in Kenya. He is friendly and trustworthy which matters a lot when one is holidaying with family in a foreign country . Michael’s knowledge on the wildlife of Kenya made our game drives much more interesting.
In any case we highly recommend Natural Track Safaris to anyone who is planning to visit Kenya.
A Very Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance to both Elizabeth and Michael.

creative72900 @ yahoo.in

A highly recommended experience:
years my wife and I have dreamt about travelling to Africa, and this past July those dreams were realized. For us, travelling is not just about getting away from your daily life, nor is it typically about rest and relaxation. For us travelling is about experiencing other cultural traditions, exploring their landscapes and learning about the local people. Upon deciding that Kenya and Uganda would be our next great adventure, and our honeymoon destination, we quickly realized just how many choices and options there are out there. I literally spent months researching all of the different places we could visit and all of the different activities we could participate in. Once we had decided on an itinerary the research was only half complete as we now had to find a company which would cater to these specific needs. Of all the choices out there, there were few who would entertain the exact itinerary I had set out to conquer, and even fewer still who could offer our itinerary at a reasonable price. In the end the people of Natural Track became the natural choice for us (feel free to use that as a slogan Elizabeth..”natural track, the natural choice” LOL) as they catered to our every desire. From setting our own agenda/itinerary to choosing our own accommodations, Natural Tracks let us completely customize our entire tour to the very last detail. Living half a world away (we live in Toronto) I was expecting some sort of complications or snags to arise however, the tour co-ordinator was always very prompt to reply, polite in her suggestions and recommendation, professional, accommodating, and lastly, extremely patient with me!
Once we arrived in Nairobi, we were met at the airport by our guide, our own personal chef and our trip co-ordinator. Any doubts that we may have had (up to this point we were still of the “too good to be true” mindset) were quickly washed away in the first moment that we met these wonderful people. We knew that we were in good hands and that initial feeling proved to be true throughout the entire15 days of our tour. Our driver/guide was very knowledgeable, friendly, accommodating, pleasant, and also a very safe driver. Our cook shared much of the same qualities in addition to being very skilled and talented in the kitchen. Our accommodations always at least met our expectations and in many cases, exceeded those expectations. On more then 1 occasion we were actually upgraded free of charge to us. Over our 15 day tour in Kenya we met and toured with a total of 3 driver/guides and each of them were just as pleasant and knowledgeable as the next. In addition to this, each of them seemed to have an area of expertise unique to them so no matter what your interest I’m quite confident that the Natural Track team can meet your needs and expectations.
Once on safari, we had the time of our lives, the driver guides know exactly where to take us, how to navigate the roads within the parks, and all of the different quirks and nuances about the various parks and national reserves. We were extremely lucky within the parks and got to see so many animals it was literally mind blowing. The best part about it is was that after a long day of driving and animal viewing we knew we still had a fabulous home cooked meal waiting for us when we got back! Never at any point were we concerned about what we were going to eat, or if there would be enough food, or if we would like the food. Every meal we ate was both delicious and nutritious.
We saw everything we were hoping to see and on more then one occasion. It is clear that this company understands the concept of customer care and customer service and they did an exceptional job from start to finish. Thanks again to the Natural Tracks crew for making our honeymoon everything we could’ve ever imagined, and more!

Ryan Courville
ryan.courville @ bell.ca

Hi James
It took me a month to write to you. I want to thank you once again for
a wonderful holiday. We talk a lot about the days we had with you. If
we come again we know where we want to go once again. I want to tell
you we couldn’t have got a better guide. If you want to come to Israel
our house is open for you. I’ll be happy to entertain you and your
family. I want to remind you to send me a picture of your family.
Today is a holiday in Israel – it’s our new year festival. So, I want
to say happy new year to all of you. In Hebrew “SHANA TOVA”. Thank you
and I hope to see you again. Ariela Perelman

perelman.ariela @ gmail.com

Dear Morrine
Our Masai Mara 3-day experience was beyond beautiful. Our guide, Michael ‘s expertise allowed us to share brief moments in the lives of creatures and spaces we might only have imagined.
Late afternoon, full day, and early morning drives were full of surprises and great photo opportunities.
Michael is knowledgeable and sensitive to the balance between nature and the curiosity of visitors. And, at camp we enjoyed comfortable and safe tenting – no frills for us, none wanted. Yet, Gideon prepared great meals to begin and end each day, even preparing a Kenyan dish that we were eager to try.
The drive to and from Nairobi through the Great Rift Valley was a treat in itself.
There was lots to see and Michael’s commentary gave us insight into life in this part of Kenya. Would we do it again? In a Nairobi minute!

Thanks to Morrine, Michael and Gideon.
Assante Sana. Judy and Les
judy.judymcbride @ gmail.com

Dear Elizabeth,
Our group of EBB volunteers have now returned home to Canada after our month long visit to Kenya. It was a wonderful trip! Kenya is a beautiful country.
I want to thank you for seeing that I arrived safely in Nairobi and for personally greeting me at the airport despite the long delay at customs. Your service speaks volumes about your dedication to your work.
I also wanted to commend our safari guide, Boniface, who was so important to us on this trip. His knowledge of the game reserve, pleasant personality, and humour helped shape the mood of our trip. I speak on behalf of my group in saying that he was a large contributing factor to making our Maasai Mara experience memorable.
I will be recommending your travel agency to family and friends, and will definitely use your company should I be back in Kenya in the near future.

Thank you kindly!
Warm regards,
Katharine Kan
katharinekan @ hotmail.com

Elizabeth, I heartily second all of Katharine’s well-articulated thoughts, most notably those regarding the fantastic experience with our fabulous guide, Boniface.
Thanks again for your company’s excellent service.

Bill Upward
bupward29 @ hotmail.com

Hello Elizabeth
My family and I (with 7 and & 6 year old) booked our Kenyan safari with Natural Track Safari (office in Nairobi). Elizabeth our booking agent with the company was very helpful putting together our 10-day safari itinerary. She was readily available to answer our questions and arranged early mornings pick up and drop off at the airport. She catered to our needs and her friendly and cooperative customer service was appreciated.
On a 10-day safari you really get to know your tour guide. From early morning drives to afternoon drives through the parks, you have lots of time to get to know each other. Our guide, James, was outstanding! He was there for our 3:30am arrival and our 4:30am departure. He always ensured we were safe and enjoying the trip along the way. He was a veteran (15 years experience) tour guide, so his knowledge of the area was impeccable. He was very patient with our children and made sure the tour met their needs as well. He provided informative stories of the area and gave us a good understanding the history of Kenya and it’s people.
Natural Track Safari arranged some incredible accommodations during our 10-day Safari. The tented camps were very luxurious for staying in tents. The accommodations really fitted our family needs and some lodges brought nature very close to where we staying. Going to the “Carnivore Restaurant” will be something we all will always remember and it was a great way to complete our tour in Kenya. The food was incredible, even though it was secondary to the astonishing animals we saw during the safari.
Really, what made our safari amazing were the animals, birds, creatures and distinctive vegetation we encountered during our tour. Elizabeth, James and Simon really did an outstanding job to make our Kenyan adventure an incredible one. We would recommend Natural Track Safari to anyone who wants to tour the area.

pmgrant @ telus.net

Hi Morrine
Our Masai Mara 3-day experience was beyond beautiful. Our guide, Michael ‘s expertise allowed us to share brief moments in the lives of creatures and spaces we might only have imagined.
Late afternoon, full day, and early morning drives were full of surprises and great photo opportunities.
Michael is knowledgeable and sensitive to the balance between nature and the curiosity of visitors. And, at camp we enjoyed comfortable and safe tenting – no frills for us, none wanted. Yet, Gideon prepared great meals to begin and end each day, even preparing a Kenyan dish that we were eager to try.
The drive to and from Nairobi through the Great Rift Valley was a treat in itself.

judy.judymacbride @ gmail.com
Judy and Les

Jambo Elisabeth,
Thanks for your email, our plane to Nairobi was delayed around 1 hour, after arrival we had a look around but did not see you.
Anyway, I wanted to tell you that we really enjoyed our trip, everything was well prepared, we had a great cook with Gideon and a perfect guide with Michael, we highly appreciated the flexibility to change our itinerary at Lake Baringo.
There was not one small thing to complain about!
As we fall in love with Africa we want to come back an do another Safari next year, of course again with you and your colleagues from Natural Track!

All the best from Austria
Michael and Andrea
Michael.Jauk @ wollsdorf.com

Hello Simon,
I was very happy for the flexibility your company showed when the plans you and I had made was disrupted because of the Islandic vulcano. That was perhaps the most positive thing of all. OK, I understand it was low season and that it could have been more difficult during high season, but still.
I also liked the flexibility with the payment (transfer + cash).
The whole safari trip was fantasic. Lodges and everything was very good. James’ knowledge about every aspect of the journey was truely amazing.
If I should mention something on the negative side there are two small things that comes to mind.
– We had some problem with the vehicle when driving from Samburu to Lake Nakuru. It caused some discomfort and some delay,
– The strange policy Kenyan lodges have for swimmingpools! Both Sopa and Sarova does not let guests use their swimmingpools after 6 PM, and that caused irritation several times because we arrived at lodges after 6 PM most days. We had all been looking forward to a quick swim before going for dinner. At Sopa they made an exception but at Sarova it was just No-No! The explanation was treatment of water, but I think that was just a poor excuse. Not something that your company can do anything about but I thought I should mention it.

Tom Hellstrom
tom.hellstrom @ gmail.com

Hi Elizabeth and dear Micheal.
We are back from a wonderful safari in Kenya. It would not have been better without you. Our guide Micheal did a great job. Not only he was driving us but he was part of our group and wanted as bad as us to see the animals. He was a guide but after 2 weeks he became also a friend. With him we saw our BIG FIVE and we are very very thankful to him. We saw this BIG FIVE in 2 hours.
Again thank you so much we spent a wonderful time in Kenya and we are Keeping a very good memory of Kenya people.
attached some pictures of our trip.

Benoit, Elaine, Richard Marie-Josée
groupepero @ sympatico.ca

Dear Elizabeth,
I would like to express our sincere appreciation for the 8-day safari your Natural Track Safaris had organised for our party from 22 Nov last year (Mr. Jai Misra, Mrs Jai Misra, our daughter Ms Nirvana Misra and Ms Vanessa Ramos.
We could not have have had a better conducted safari nor could we have found someone as capable, knowledgeable, helpful and cheerful overall as Mike, who was assigned to us as driver-cum-guide. The highpoint for me personally was rising early on 26 November, my 70th birthday, and then rising even higher in a hot air balloon over the Maasai Mara, landing an hour or so later to a champagne breakfast in the bush.
Whoever we spoke to about our safari is interested in doing something similar.
Many thanks once again and please convey the same to Mike too.
With Best Wishes for the New Year,

Mr Jai Misra
jaimisrablr @ gmail.com

Dear Elizabeth
I want to thank the team of Elizabeth and Michael for a wonderful holiday. Michael was such a good guide, making sure I had wonderful sightings of the big 4(d leopard was being too shy, so missed that!). You both made the trip a most memorable one and you can be sure u have an agent in me in Nigeria! And I will be back soon for the great crossing definitely!
Thank you and keep up the good work, you guys rock!!

Adekunbi Thomas
k_adetayo @ yahoo.com

Dear all,
Elizabeth, I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful holiday you organised for us.The safari was great and ll accomodations were perfect.
It was wonderful to see so much wildlife, such a beautiful nature
Thanks to Micheal who managed to spot the most incredible animals from far away…Impressive skills! Not to forget his very good driving skills in the bumpy roads of Kenya.We spent a wonderful 7 days in his company.
Simon, we had a wonderful bike and walking trip with you – We all learned a lot during that afternoon.
James, thanks again for driving us around Nairobi the last weekend.
This trip has been a memorable experience, a trip of a lifetime- Kenya is such a beautiful country and the people are so nice. It was really hard to leave last Sunday
Thanks again for everything.You’ve made this trip very special.

Best Regards,
Alexandra, David, Vivian and Tim
alexandrametelly @ hotmail.com

Dear Elizabeth and James,
After the long flights we arrived home on Saturday early afternoon. We enjoyed a warm welcome from the family members, colleagues and friends. All are waiting the photos, videos and our reports about the advantures. We are really very thankful for the wonderful safari, and will recommend your company to everybody who would like to share in the wonders of the nature and feel the unique ambiance of Africa.
Please find enclosed some pictures, I send you some more later.

Warmest regards
Klara and Zsolt
kormendy.klara @ csenksz.hu

Dear winnie, Elizabeth, Jaims & Gideon,
We want to expres our deep appreciation to your afforts and good will during our 11 days safari track.
We had a fantastic adventure full of joy in Kenya which left us with the test to come back.
We will surly recomend our freinds to come and already used the broshurs you gave us.
Thank you and hope to see you again,

Doron, Helen, Haim & Lotem
lotem59 @ netvision.net.il

Dear Elizabeth,
Thank you so very much for planning and organizing my safari on such short notice and to such a high standard. My Sister and I had the most amazing time and as you are aware I have been on safari 3 times before and I enjoyed this one the most.
Firstly we could not have asked for a better guide, Charles was great in every way, he has the eyes of an eagle and spotted out many animals to us with great knowledge of them, he was very kind, and extremely funny.
Secondly the lodges were very nice and were to a very high standard all round, the food was great, the accommodation was clean welcoming and the hotel staffs were all very friendly. I especially enjoyed the Mara Simba it had a very warm welcoming vibe and was just amazing to see the all the animals whilst having a meal like the crocodiles, hippos and wart hogs as they were regular visitors to the water hole, also the evening entertainment was a great bonus. Overall we had a great time, we were very comfortable, and had a great guide. We will defiantly come back to you for any future safaris in Kenya.
Again many thanks for making our trip possible at such short notice and for tailoring the trip perfectly for us and to such a high standard.

Best Regards,
Harriet Cole
harriet @ gulfcorp7.com

Hello Elizabeth,
Just let you know that we have safely returned from Kenya to Saudi Arabia. Many thanks for the arrangements, everything worked out well, we very much enjoyed each day of the trip. Hope we will return to Kenya sometime in the future.

Best regards,
Peter Szappanos
szappana.peter @ upcmail.hu

Dear Elizabeth
It is a holiday for us this week so at last we have found time to write. Please forgive us for taking so long. We had visitors from the uk and then I started back at school shortly afterwards. I am delighted to say that I have a little boy in my class this year who is Kenyan! His parents were born in Nairobi.
We just simply owe you and Mike a huge Thank you for the best holiday that our family have ever had.
Natural Track Safaris provided with perfect accommodation at Sarova Lion hill and Mara Simba Lodge which were very much to our taste and catered for our every need at every stage of our holiday. The itineraries for the safaris and the travelling that you organised for us made sure that we had time to see so much of Kenya plenty of amazing animals and yet rest and relax. Mike was a terrific well informed guide and safe driver who made sure that we saw as much wildlife as possible. He never tired of all our questions. Please pass on our thanks to him; sorry we had to rush off to our flight. We really enjoyed our lunch in Nairobi and had another very pleasant surprise when we reached our hotel in Mombasa. It was lovely! And again we were made welcome and comfortable. The Sarova Whitesands was a beautiful location with wonderful food and great Kenyan hospitality.
We are so grateful for the way that you took care of us all and have already passed our recommendation to use Natural Track Safaris to several friends in Abu Dhabi. I do hope that they book their trip with you because I know that they will not be disappointed.
Thank you again dear Elizabeth for all your kindness and professionalism, our trip to Kenya will stay in our hearts and minds for a very long time. We sincerely hope that this finds you well.
We wear our tee shirts in Abu Dhabi with pride!

With our very kindest regards,
Kevan, Chris, Matthew and Fiona Marsh
kevanmar42 @ emirates.net.ae

Hello Elizabeth,
am home in Canada today. My exit from Nairobi went fine and the hotel was certainly adequate for my one night in town. Thank you again for all of your assistance and guidance. It was particularly helpful that you managed to store my extra film equipment for me while I was on Safari. As I mentioned, you’ve personally earned my trust in Natural Track services so that any future excursions in you part of Africa will be handle by you. Please be sure to show your managers my praise for your timely and professional
services. You are a find that they should value and reward.

Be well,
Eric Huurre
eric @ skywrite.ca

Hi Elizabeth,
It was a long flight home, but have recovered and am back to work.
I want to thank you & Michael for a wonderful visit to Kenya.
Michael was a wonderful driver – very knowledgeable of all the animals I saw along the way (and there were so many!!). The resorts were also all top-notch.
Kenya is a beautiful country – filled with breathtaking scenery, wildlife, and friendly people. Natural Track provided the perfect introduction to the country – and I already look forward to a return visit.

Best regards,
Reed Hatcher
reedhatcher @ gmail.com

Jambo Winnie & Peter,
Just few minutes before getting back to work I’d like to thank you and your team for the great experience we had in Kenya.
Winnie, thanks for the patience and understanding during tailoring the trip plan. There are over 100 e-mails :). It was great to meet you as well and I’m sorry we couldn’t pass through the office to say goodbye.
Peter, its difficult to summarize but I want to say we are very glad we chose to travel with Natural Track . Apart from the things expected such as good game reserve , logistics & flexibility, you brought to this trip much more . The deep knowledge, willing to share more and more even during the evenings, very good connections with our “not so quiet” kids and above all the love for nature and Kenya that were reflected in everything we passed through. Thank you very much for the opportunity to meet the kids and stuff of the children house.
Hope to see you again in Israel or Kenya,

efrat @ xsights.com

Dear winney and James
Just to let you no we arrived safely home, and sorry I haven’t been in contact sooner.
Thank you so ,so much for our holiday. We have been looking through our photos each bringing back happy memories. We will always remember Kenya with a yearning to return one day. Please pass on a big thank you to James whose knowledge of the wild life helped to make the safari educational and exciting.

Best wishes to you all,
John,chris and sean
johnadi10 @ hotmail.com

Dear Winnie and Bony

We are back in Israel now.

We enjoyed our trip very much and have a lot of exiting memories.

Bony you are the best!!!

Thank you for everything.

Feel free to use us as a reference for recommendations for others in Israel ( or other places ).

Asante Sana

David, Yifat, Gal and Lihi

david.heled @ webcollege.com

Jambo Elizabeth,

First of all thank you so much for taking us to the Carnivore on Thursday night and for the lovely surprise song and cake. When we first heard the singing we had no idea it was for us and we were very pleasantly surprised. We were only sorry that we had rush off so soon afterwards to catch our plane. Thank you so much for making the end of our Safari so memorable.

Thank you also for arranging our itinerary so well. We saw a great deal of Kenya, and stayed in some excellent lodges. Of course, we also visited a wide range of National Parks, culminating in the magnificent Masai Mara! You put in a lot of hard work making our trip so successul and we really appreciate it.

Ken, our guide, was extremely knowledgeable and informative, as well as being extremely good company for nine days. We were amazed at how many times he pointed out animals to us when we thought there was nothing around. He managed to show us the big five, the migration and much, much more during our safaris. Please pass on our thanks to him and, next time we come to Kenya, we will definitely ask for Ken to be our guide again.

Finally we were very impressed with the Natural Tracks services, and will have no hesitation recommending your company to anyone planning to go on Safari in Kenya.

Once again, very many thanks

With warmest regards.

Bob & Chris

bobdilley @ fsmail.net

Hi Elizabeth,

Hope you are well J

It’s Rosa Cerron here… I travelled to Nairobi with my boyfriend Santi 2 months ago.

I have recommended Natural Track Safaris to all my mates and they are now looking forward to travelling to Kenya!!!

Kenya has now a big place in my heart and I am very grateful to you, James and Simon for making it so special!

Take care my friends


rosar @ microsoft.com

Hi Elizabeth,
our trip was absolutely memorable, we have been back for over a week now and we just miss Kenya so much!
The organization of the trip was perfect, we enjoyed every minute of it!

A special thanks goes to our guide James because he adapted well to our approach (as a young couple on holiday, we didn’t always like to be on a tight schedule..) but at the same he made sure we got to see all the beauty that Kenya has to offer; he was very well prepared on the wildlife and never boring and we did have several interesting conversations. The walk with Simon at Hell’s Gate was also very enjoyable and he’s a really nice guy too!!

We’ve already recommended Natural Track to our friends and colleagues as we were never disappointed.

Thank you!
Andrea & Carole

andrea.dell @ gmail.com

Hope you are doing well , Elizabeth . I got back to work today .

Wanted to thank you for the wonderful time that we had in Kenya. Your planning and organization was meticulous . We enjoyed every moment of it . The Lodges were diverse in ambience and infrastructure which gave us an opportunity to experience multiple dwellings. Being vegetarians , food has always been a concern during our overseas travel . But this time we had no problem at all and as you had mentioned earlier , there was something or the other in the Menu at every meal.

A special mention of James is warranted . He was not just a Guide cum chauffer but highly knowledgeable about a range of subjects. Through the week we had interesting conversation on a whole host of topics . Even the kids got quite friendly with him and he was able to engage them in enthusiastic pursuits . His ‘ Game-spotting ‘ skills was par excellence !

The terrain and the vastness of the Region is awesome and to watch the animals in their natural habitat was breath-taking . Nature . Flora , Fauna were all at their best and hence overall it was a unique experience for all of us.

Thanks for giving us such a memorable holiday . Appreciate your efforts and all the very Best.


Rajans ( Raagini , Shalini , Lakshmi & KT )

KT_Rajan @ allegan.com

Hi Elizabeth,

We really want to thanks all of you, James, Simon because of us was the best holidays ever!
Everything was perfect, organization, places, hotels, food, all everyone very kind!
We are looking forward to see more of Kenya and of course with Natural Safari Tracks.
I’ve already told everyone here at the office about your company and probably one of my colleges is going to contact u.

Thanks again for everything. And looking forward for the next one…

We’ll be back 🙂

Santi Sanchez-Lopez

Santi @ anyahindmarch.com


We really enjoyed our safari and were very pleased with all three of you who made our trip so wonderful. We certainly will be recommending you to any of our acquaintances who may be interested in a safari.

Thank you also for the reminder of our bathroom pack. I think it would cost more to send it to us, so just throw it all out. We of course noticed that we had left it behind when we got to London but there certainly are a lot worse things that could have happened.

We had a great time in London too, but are very happy to be back home. We now have to do all the work here that needs to be done in the spring, but we enjoy that so it will be a work of love We are finding things still a bit brown here after the green of Africa and London, but spring here is a wonderful time, like it is there when the rains start.

We certainly will cherish our memories of Kenya and will have those memories for ever.

Say hello to Sammy and Gideon for us and good luck in the future.

Lorne and Gwen

user @ yourlink.ca

Dear Elizabeth, Vinnie & James,

How are you all?. We reached home safely

. though our flight was almost 4 hours late!!.
We all want to thank you all for the wonderful time we had in Kenya. A special thank you for responding so promptly to our complaint. It was a pleasure to have James as our guide.

Wishing you all the very best,


kiarapt @ indiatimes.com

Dear Gideon

Thanks alot for the great meals you cooked for us. We enjoyed it very much. We hope that alot of other clients will get the chance to enjoy your meals.

Annita and Andreas

andreas_stern @ gmx.de

Hi Hannah,

Once again many thanks for organizing a wonderful safari.

The lodge accommodations at Lake Nakuru and Maasai Mara were
comfortable and good, the food was plenty and delicious, while the service was
friendly and superb. Above all Peter, our guide, was very knowledgeable and
made sure that we saw as many wild games as possible.

As mentioned, both Amen and I have started thinking about coming back
again, may be in July or August of 2011 with both our families. At
that time we would like Peter to be our guide once again.

Shams Tejani, Toronto

amen.chan @ klaca.ca


Hello, we did have an excellent safari. I have recommended to a few friends who are hoping to get to Africa, that they will definitely have to book their safari with Natural Track. Peter was an awesome tour guide and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. I hope to one day make it back to Africa, but probably not until the far future. Thank you so muchl. Talk to you soon


jpmeredith @ hotmail.com

Dear Philip
…I owe Magdalene big time for arranging the most incredible journey that I have ever been on .You made sure that all my requests were honored and then some .I know that some of my requests involved backtracking from time to time but the logistics worked out perfectly .I will never forget my stay at the Mount Kenya Safari Club …being able to sleep in the Royal Suite is no doubt one of the highlights of my life . I still do not know how you pulled this off but I am very grateful for you having done so .All the Lodges that you booked for me were top notch …the meals were amazing …the staff were always the most accommodating …I was never disappointed .. Thanks Magdaline for all your hard work in making everything run so smoothly for me..

Skip Nieman, Canada
skipnieman @ gmail.com<

Hi, Winnie and Jambo!
My 4 days’ of safaris were amazing! I loved everything about them: the animals, the people, the food and the Lodges. I would definitely recommend this to my frineds here.
How are you? I so appreciate your staying with me at Wilson Airport until my plane arrived!
I hope you are well.
Donna Tully

donnaltully @ msn.com

Dear Peter, James,Winnie and all the members of Natural Track Safaris.

We are Yair, Galit, Ofri, Yonatan and Tamir, family from Israel, want to thank you

A lot for the special, great safari trip in Kenya. James-our guide was excellent and did for us everything with great love and kindness. Thank you for the food, lodges, tents, help and wonderful world in KENYA. We hope many groups from all over the world will choose like us to take a good time in Kenya with you. We have been in many places in the world-Yair is a tourist guide for many years and we know that you, all of you, Peter, James, Winnie, Sami and the others are very special and professional persons and leaders.

Everyone who wants information (in hebrew, Spanish or English) can talk with us and we will recommend to contact you- Natural Track Safaris.

Thank you so much,

Galit, Yair, Ofri, Yonatan, Tamir-Arzi Family, Kibbutz Hatzerim 85420, Israel

97286473563, 972525013485

arzi-y @ hatzerim.org.il

Dear Philip
We’re just back from our 4 day safari & we just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time we had. Our guides/driver/cook were outstanding. They were so helpful & the food was excellent. We will be sure to recommend Natural-Track Safaris to our friends, colleagues & family.

Warm regards & thanks again,
Ceinwen & Llani,
ceinwen.rainey @ yahoo.com

Dear Philip,
We have made it safely home and really enjoyed our trip in Kenya. We are looking at the pictures we have taken and relive the good time we had.

Please thank Peter for his guidance during the Safari.

We will definitely recommend your services to others and will employ you again when we decide on another Safari.

Michael Torten, Israel

Dear Philip
My whole family thoroughly enjoyed the safari. Peter was an excellent guide and very patient with the children. We especially appreciated Peter’s explanation of the family life of the animals and their behaviour.
We would like to thank you all for a delightful holiday.

Amira Cohen, Israel
amira_choen @ clalit.org.il

Hi Peter,
….safari arrangements and the communication with the office was 100%. . winnie is the most professional consultant with a beautiful heart, she was great and we love her.
….at the end i would like to say to all- if you think to do a safari in Kenia don’t think twice, phone Natural Track Safaris and you will be so grateful and you will leave the safari with a big smile and lots of memories.
Peter & Winnie we love you so much and we miss you allot allot.
alon @ ilanprint.co.il
Liat & Alon

Hi Philip,
…we were satisfied with almost all of the aspects of the service that you provided.
the range of days between morning and evening and then whole day safaris was excellent as it provided us with variety.
the reservation was handled superbly (although paying money into an account in africa without any real guarantee was a risk, maybe if we could have used a credit card, that would have improved this aspect)
we were met at the airport by friendly and effecient staff and were very grateful for this.
the office staff related to us superbly
the guide (Peter) and the cook (John) related to us superbly.
the food was outstanding and far better than we had expected. the vegetarian menu was handled with care and sensitivety and John was an outstanding proffesional from beginning to end.

ruthgar @ talk21. com
Ruth Garbutt

Hi Peter
We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had…Reservation was handled efficiently and in a timely manner. Every enquiry was answered promptly and to my satisfaction. The only minor difficulty was that I ended up paying cash because I needed to send fax confirmation which I couldnt do at the time. This is apparently a general credit security issue though,

We enjoyed the food that was excellent throughout, and we want to thank you for helping us make this safari a successful one. We appreciated the quick speed of answering our questions and making changes as we requested. Thank you so much!!!
aukeane @ yahoo.co.uk
Austin Keane

Hi Magdaline,
I hope you and Peter are both well.
Anna and I got back safe and sound after a good flight from Nairobi to London. We were sorry we had to leave as it was such a fantastic holiday with the safari the highlight of the trip.
Peter was a great guide and looked after us extremely well. The Lodges were amazing, especially the Mountain Lodge, with good food, comfortable rooms, and superb surrounding scenery. I think the best part was the Massai Mara when we really got to see basically everything including some unforgettable times with the Lions, Elephants, Cheetah, Rhinos (we were one of the lucky few who saw the black Rhino close up in Massai Mara!), Giraffe, Buffalo, Wilderbeast, and many other animals and wildlife. 4 out of 5 of the “Big 5” plus the Cheetah is not bad!!!
When we got back to Nairobi we had a relaxing time at the hotel and also did a couple of trips out for some shopping at the Village Market and then to the National Park for the walk and then the Carnivore.
We would definitely like to come back again at some point in the future and I have already recommended your company (and Peter as the guide!) to friends who plan to be in Kenya next year.
Sorry I didn’t get to see you on the Saturday when you came to the hotel. Many thanks again for organising the safe delivery of our passports and for all your help in assisting us with questions (there were lots I know!) and everything else.
Take care and say hello to Peter!

dickyvon @ hotmail.com
Richard & Anna

Jambo George and safari team,
We want to thank you so much for being such a good team in arranging our safari. We thank George so much for being a great guide for us!!!
We really enjoyed the safari tour and we are very happy about all the animals we could see-even papa lion..
We thank you very much and wish you all the best! Be blessed.
Rene and Adrea


Hi Gilbert.
Bettina here from Denmark if you remember,,,,,,
We finish our safari in Mombasa and finally we got our luggage. We had a very nice trip there, and also our cook was excelent and we had really good food tru out. He was also a very nice person. Thanks alot, see again in October.
bep @ allison.dk

Dear Winnie
We are back home in Capetown and back to work. I am sorry I was not at my best when we met you in Nairobi, it had been a long trip from the Mara and I was really feeling very tired and a bit car sick.We were also a bit anxious as we had to get to the airport. But we made it in good time and all went well. I am glad we met you and I want to thank you for organising the trip.
James was wonderful and we so enjoyed having him with us . he was intelligent , informative , punctual and good company. so please pass that on to him – we appreciated all he did. Gideon was also great, our meals were simple but always tasty and he produced them on time so we could keep up with the schedule. – I know that was not easy ,sometimes he was up very early.
the parks the game and birds were wonderful – we had some amazing sightings.

Alison Lund

South Africa

jolund @ absamail.co.za

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