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Volunteer Program

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RVWC and KSPCA 2016 September-October

RVWC veterinary clinics needs veterinarians, technicians and student volunteers


Samburu spring clinic during September-October, open.
Zanzibar summer clinic August 8-19 (+/- couple of days), Open


THE PROJECT: ( Click here to see past project )
In 2016, Rift Valley Wildlife Clinics will be offering externships in Samburu and the Masai Mara, Kenya and on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania, to bring much needed veterinary services to the rural inland of Kenya and Zanzibar.
In Kenya, efforts will be focused on communities within close proximity to the Samburu National Reserve and the famous Masai Mara Reserve, a critical habitat for African wildlife that is vulnerable to the impact of humans and their domestic animals now more than ever.

In Zanzibar we will provide veterinary care in fisherman villages and to a Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center. Special days will be designated to our marine biology and conservation program. Scuba diving/snorkeling is strongly encouraged!

Clinical work will include vaccination and preventative medicine for companion animals and sterilization of dogs and cats. We may be asked to help with livestock and small wildlife, especially birds, as well. The exact nature of the clinical work will be dictated primarily by the specific needs and requests of the local communities. RVWC will treat injured and diseased animals, both wild and domestic, when presented to the clinic. A preliminary herd health assessment will also be undertaken to guide future efforts.

The program will allow participants to experience an intimate introduction to the local tribes-people and will provide exposure to the magnificent nature within and outside the reserve. Participants can also expect to gain basic competency in tropical field medicine and surgery and may also be asked to teach in a local elementary school or speak one-on-one with the locals about basic livestock husbandry and preventative medicine. In Zanzibar, in addition to gaining clinical experience, the course will also include clinical experience with sea turtles and an introduction to marine biology and conservation.



To raise awareness of animal welfare in rural communities.
To enable rural communities to better care for their animals and themselves; domestic animal health having a direct impact on economic prosperity and public/human health.
To establish goodwill with the communities as a foundation for future projects.
To support wildlife conservation directly and indirectly by: identifying and reducing the risk of disease transfer from domestic to wild animals (primarily CDV and rabies); making the availability of veterinary care known to those most likely to encounter wildlife in distress (local inhabitants and park rangers); discouraging poaching by being a recurring physical presence and by investing in the human communities living closest to the wildlife. reducing the direct impact of feral dog and cat populations on the threatened natural ecosystem within the protected park using sterilization methods and vaccination.


You will learn a lot about Kenya and Zanzibar during this program, and rest assured you will have an amazing and rewarding experience. However, please note, living and working conditions in rural east Africa are often difficult and plans are frequently subject to change as a result of road conditions, weather, local politics, automotive trouble, etc. You should be a hard-worker and team player and have an excellent sense of humor. You should also be in good physical health.



Day 1: Arrive in Nairobi in the evening.
Pick up from the airport (from a suggested flight). (details will be finalized closer to the travel dates based on final participant number and arrival times).
Light dinner at hotel restaurant.


Day 2: Orientation
Rising early to leave for Samburu National Reserve (approximately 6 hour drive), arriving at the camp in the afternoon. Orientation about the clinical work, the park and surrounding area. Afternoon game drive (your first safari!) to get to know the park. Dinner and continued orientation.


Remainder of week: Rural Clinics
Clinics until 5-6 pm.Cleaning, organizing and dinner.
Saturday-Sunday: The weekend will be dedicated to a close introduction to the Samburu savanna ecosystem. We will leave early morning for a game drive and stay most of the day in the field, spending time with all creatures big (elephants)and small (birds), bringing together our work in the village and wildlife conservation. Lunch in the field. Afternoon game drive. Dinner/lecture/discussion.


Week 2: Rural clinics for 3 more days, additional game drives, and visits to the village manyatas. We will also spend time hosting school children, teaching, learning and playing together. On May 4th in the afternoon we will fold up our field clinic and get ready to travel back to Nairobi the next day. Once in Nairobi we will visit the KSPCA clinic, and time permitting, visit the elephant orphanage. Departure from Nairobi on May 5th at night or May 6th during the day. All meals in Nairobi are on your own.



We will suggest specific flights leaving from the NYC area. Visas are not included. Consult your doctor prior to the trip. Travel insurance is mandatory. Proof of insurance must be shown upon registering for the program. Waiver: Signed waiver is mandatory hyperlink



Please note, the cost does not include flights and visas. Final costs vary by clinic location and dates and the type of accommodation. Please contact us for additional information. hyperlink Your donation is payable by check or credit card to RVWC and is tax deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Please visit http://www.rvwildlifeclinics.org/#!…

Please email:info@rvwildlifeclinics.org to apply or to request further information.

Please add a short one page letter of intent, as well as:CV and your goals. Space is limited.
We look forward to seeing you!


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